Thanks to our Academic Bowl coaches!

We would like to recognize these dedicated coaches who have coached more than ten years of Academic Bowl:

20 years or more:

Chuck Daube, Indiana SD
Mary Kovatch, Indiana SD
Diane Hewitt, Mountain Lakes HS
Kitty Love, Mississippi SD

10 years or more:

Mitch Kurs, CSD Riverside
Diane Conti, Georgia SD
Kristi Mortensen, Utah SDB (two-time host coordinator)
Robert Grindrod, John Hersey HS
Kathryn Harbison, Wisconsin SD
Rhonda Jennings-Arey, Virginia SDB
Kim Roberts, Marie Philip School (formerly TLC)
Scott Plummer, Kansas SD
Christa Bolen, American SD
Greg Owen, Berkmar HS and Atlanta Area SD
Deb Ulery, Oklahoma SD
Michel Swafford, Tennessee SD
Joan-Dale Siskind, EDCO @ Newton North HS
Melissa Phair, EDCO @ Newton North HS
Michelle Halvorsen, Texas SD
Scott Kramer, University HS
Lori Seago, Edmonds Woodway HS
Pat O’Hara, Colorado SDB
Charise Heine, Ohio SD (three-time host coordinator)
Kathy Craig, Hinsdale South HS
Jennifer Wasson, Montana SDB
Shari Solomon-Klebba, Colorado SDB and Utah SDB
Julie Ann Mountain, Western Pennsylvania SD
Matt Smith, Florida SDB
Jana Lollis, North Carolina SD
Shan Pillai, W.T. Woodson HS
Kayleen Pugh, Atlanta Area SD
Karen Turley, Marie Philip School (formerly TLC)
Lori McLaren, Southern New Hampshire
Kay Anderson, University HS
Jo Otterholt, Wyoming
Gale Hartling, Mississippi SD
Gloria Broadbent, New York State SD
Scott Vollmar, New Mexico SD
Academic Bowl History

The National Academic Bowl for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing was established in 1996 under the guidance of Astrid Amann Goodstein, who was then the Executive Director of Enrollment Services at Gallaudet. That year, only six schools participated in what was considered a competition...

Academic Bowl

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