Areas of Study
Team Placement
1st place Indiana School for the Deaf (INSD)
2nd place Wyoming D/HH Program (WYO)
3rd place John Hersey High School (JHHS)
4th place Illinois School for the Deaf (ILSD)
Wild Card Team Kansas School for the Deaf (KSSD)
Wild Card Team Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf (MSAD)
Sportsmanship Award
John Hersey High School (JHHS)
New York School for the Deaf (NYSSD)
Four Year Players Award
Emma Foster (MAINE)
Taylor Gagnon (MAINE)
Andrew Wisniewski (JHHS)
All-Star Players
Emma Barnhart (NEB-E)
Joshua Brodie (KSSD)
Michael Lapa (ILSD)
Yael Lenga (JHHS)
Kate Lorenzo (INSD)
Ryan Stumbo (MSAD)
Most Outstanding Player
Franco Bippus (INSD)

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