February 14-17, 2008
Results and Awards

Champions White Station High School
Second Place Florida School for the Deaf and Blind
Third Place South Plantation High School
Fourth Place Jonesboro High School
Sportsmanship (Buff) Starrs Mill High School
Sportsmanship (Blue) Berkmar High School
Outstanding Player (Buff) Nicholas Laster (ASD)
Outstanding Player (Blue) Michelle Morris (SPHS)

Match Results

Buff School W L
A Starrs Mill High School 4 3
B Alabama School for the Deaf 6 1
C Mississippi School for the Deaf 1 6
D Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf 0 7
E Kennesaw Mountain High School 3 4
F Lassiter High School 3 4
G Florida School for the Deaf and Blind 6 1
H White Station High School 6 1
Blue School W L
I Jonesboro High School 5 2
J South Carolina School for the Deaf 4 3
K Atlanta Area School for the Deaf 5 2
L Berkmar High School 4 3
M North Carolina School for the Deaf 1 6
N South Plantation High School 7 0
O Georgia School for the Deaf 2 5
P Kentucky School for the Deaf 0 7

2008 Southeast Region Facts and Figures
Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind

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Talladega, AL 35161-0698
256) 761-3214 (TTY/voice)

States include:

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee


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Gallaudet University Regional Center
Flagler College
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St. Augustine, FL 32085

(904) 819-6299 (voice)

(904) 829-2424 (TTY)

(904) 819-6433 (FAX)


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