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CIT Biennial Convention

CIT presenters, from left: Annie Marks, G-’13, Paul Harrelson, G-’95, Yi Hin Chan, Jeremy Rogers, ’13, and Dr. Stephen Fitzmaurice, PhD ’18.

A critical mission of the Department of Interpretation and Translation (DoIT) is to create and share research about signed language interpreting and translation for the advancement of these practices.

>This mission was exemplified by DoIT faculty, students, and alumni, and other Gallaudet community members at the 37th biennial conference of the Conference of Interpreter Trainers (CIT), held in Salt Lake City, Utah, from October 31 to November 3, 2018.

The conference, themed “Reaching New Heights in Interpreter Education: Mentoring, Teaching, and Leadership,” offered diverse workshop topics for discussions by interpreter educators, mentors, and researchers in interpreter education.

“CIT is the premier international organization for interpreter education programs,” said Dr. Brenda Nicodemus, professor and DoIT Research Center director. “With over 140 interpreter education programs in North America alone, the CIT biennial convention provides the opportunity for educators worldwide to gather to share educational research, pedagogical practices, and classroom techniques.

“Leading the way in knowledge generation, Gallaudet University was well-represented at the convention with faculty and student presentations, posters, and panels.”

Nicodemus received the CIT Excellence in Scholarship award at the conference on November 2.

The conference showcased numerous DoIT faculty, students, and alumni, including doctoral students: Yi Hin Chan; Janis Cole, E-’14; Marc Holmes; Annie Marks, G-’13; Cami Miner, G-’18; and Dawn Wessling, E-’16; DoIT alumni: Dr. Erica Alley, G-’08 & PhD ’16; Dr. Stephen Fitzmaurice, PhD ’18; Jeremy Rogers, ’13; and Naomi Sheneman, ’98 & PhD ’18; and DoIT faculty: Dr. Keith Cagle, professor and department chair; Pamela Collins, ’07 & G-’11, instructor; Paul Harrelson, G-’95, instructor; Mary Lightfoot, E-’03, Training Products and Dissemination manager (Kendall Demonstration Elementary School); Salatiel Pineda,’07, and Nicodemus.

Dr. MJ Bienvenu, ’74 & G-’83, ASL and Deaf Studies professor, provided the conference keynote address, “Looking Ahead: Making Changes.” Dr. Thomas K. Holcomb, ’80, Deaf Studies professor at Ohlone College (Fremont, California), provided the endnote presentation, “Reaching New Heights in Interpreter Education with Deaf Eyes.”

Other Gallaudet alumni that presented at the conference were Lyra Behnke, G-’12; Ritchie Bryant, ’93; Donna Guardino, ’11, G’15, & PhD ’18; LaTanya Jones, E-’09; Dr. Octavian Robinson, ’02 & ’04; Dr. Betsy Winston, G-’88; and Max Williamson, G’13. Dr. Risa Shaw, Department of Linguistics professor and Graduate Program coordinator, also spoke at the conference.

CIT planning committee members included Carolyn Ball, ’72, conference host; Jay Krieger, E-’82, technology; Amy June Rowley, ’97, program co-chair; and Patricia Lowry, ’97, host site logistics. Jimmy Beldon, ’91, served as interpreting staff coordinator. Andy Lange, ’83, served as conference parliamentarian.

Cole, a CIT board member, serves as its Public Relations and Outreach director. Other board members include Kim Kurz, E-’93, vice president and current graduate student; Dr. Rebecca Minor, G-’05 & PhD ’11, Communications director, and Carole Lazorisak, ’70, Professional Development director.

All photos courtesy of Dr. Brenda Nicodemus.

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