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Research Compliance is a broad label for anything related to laws, regulations, rules, or policies that govern research. These could be federal, state, or local laws, sponsor rules, or university policies. Research Compliance covers topics as varied as protection of human subjects, conflicts of interest, data management, travel regulations, and use of historic buildings.

The links below provide an overview of Research Compliance areas and activities at Gallaudet or click the “Research Compliance Overview” link to the left to see the full page. If you have questions related to Research Compliance, please contact us.

Protection of Living Things

Human Subjects
Animal Subjects

Data and dissemination

Data Management
Export Controls
Technology Transfer
Materials Transfer
Intellectual Property
Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act)

Fraud, waste and abuse

Misconduct in Research
Procurement Integrity
Conflict of Interest (COI)
Subawardee Monitoring
Whistleblower Regulations
False Claims Act
Debarment and Suspension


Buy/Fly America Act
Acknowledgement of Federal Grant Support
America Competes Act
Representations and Certifications


Uniform Guidance
Cost Accounting Standards
Cost Principles
Indirect Costs
Federal Acquisitions Regulation (FAR)
Time and Effort Reporting


Historic Preservation
Clean Air Act
Clean Water Act
Safe Drinking Water Act

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