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The Office of Research’s Pre-Award Services facilitates the overall grant process. Our services include:

  • Assistance in locating potential funding sources.
  • Sharing personalized information to individuals regarding relevant funds and opportunity deadlines.
  • Guidance through application preparation, ensuring alignment with university policy, sponsor criteria, and federal, state, or local regulations.
  • Reviewal of proposals to provide feedback and editing notes.
  • Negotiating terms and conditions of grants and contracts.
  • Maintains records of proposals and awards.
  • Facilitation of the research projects to ensure adherence to the sponsor’s terms and conditions.
  • Assistance in patents, copyrights, and publication agreements.
  • Service as an official liaison between the university and sponsor.
  • Serves as a central point of reference for non-financial compliance including protection of human subjects, financial conflict of interest, export control, radiation and biosafety, subrecipient commitment, and training related to compliance.

Contact Us

Pre-Award Services

Audrey Wineglass Foster

Hall Memorial Building S242

(202) 651-5085

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