Deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing students in good standing at any college or university accredited by a Federally-recognized accreditor are welcome to apply as transfer students to Gallaudet University. In addition to completing an application, you must submit official college transcripts from all attended postsecondary institutions and at least two letters of recommendation. Deaf and hard of hearing students must also submit an audiogram (within the past two years).

The Office of Admissions reserves the right to request additional documentation (e.g., standardized test scores, high school transcripts).

The student must indicate any institution(s) previously attended on the Application for Admission (or re-admission) to Gallaudet University in order for that coursework to qualify for consideration as transfer credit. No transfer credit can be considered in the future if the institution(s) is not listed on the application, unless with Prior Permission.

Transfer students who have completed a combination of 12 hours of college English and math credit with a grade of “C” or higher in each course will be notified by the Office of Admissions if they are waived from submitting ACT/SAT scores. Applicants who have been waived from submitting test scores may still be required to take English, Math, and ASL placement tests to be placed in the appropriate General Studies courses. Applicants with 56 or more hours of college credit are waived from taking the DRP and GWE.

Students with three hours credit in college English with grades of “C” or higher will not take the DRP and GWE. Students with three hours credit in college math with grades of “C” or higher will not take the Math placement test. Final high school transcripts will be waived if applicants submit college transcript(s) indicating 30 college credit hours or more. Applicants should submit official transcripts from all prior colleges attended.

You may request an official evaluation of transferable college credits. Gallaudet will accept as elective credit any college-level course completed with a grade of C or better at any college or university accredited by a Federally-recognized accreditor. Transferred courses may be applied to satisfy general studies requirements or major requirements only when approved by the appropriate department chair. The transfer specialist will notify you of these decisions. Transfer courses do not change the GPA at Gallaudet University, except as noted in the section entitled “Prior Permission Transfer Credit”.

You can also earn college credits via examinations, and most examinations are provided by CollegeBoard, including, but not limited to, Advanced Placement (AP), and College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Refer to for more information, or contact the Transfer Credit Specialist in the Registrar’s Office about the process of transferring credits to Gallaudet.

As a transfer student, you must meet the residency requirement, which requires residency for the senior year (at least 24 credits) and completion of at least half of the major requirements at Gallaudet. Additional general studies courses may be required to satisfy Gallaudet University degree requirements. Note that some departments may have additional residency requirements for their majors.

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