Gallaudet University and the Clerc Center have collaborated with EthicsPoint to offer a whistleblower hotline service for the Gallaudet community. This service has been introduced to support the Board of Trustee’s mandate to report possible misconduct, also known as the “whistleblower policy.” The Board’s overarching goal is for people to speak up for a better Gallaudet. We encourage the community to come forward to report any rule or policy violations as well as safety concerns that need to be corrected. For more information on the Whistleblower Hotline, please read the Policy on Reporting Suspected Misconduct (Whistleblower Policy)(Section 1.15) in the Gallaudet University Administration and Operations Manual.

Members of the Gallaudet community can raise issues and concerns through this outside vendor 24/7, by phone or online, and can opt to remain anonymous (no one captures any IP addresses or caller information). You can report activities that seem wrong, or even those that you think we can manage better. If something looks illegal, unethical, or inconsistent with University policies, speak up with this simple and confidential tool. If you notice a campus hazard or observe an unsafe activity, share your observation to prevent injury through this tool at EthicsPoint.

Early reporting of problems, and offering constructive solutions, makes it easier to investigate and resolve the problem. Through EthicsPoint, reporting is convenient, easy, and risk-free to you. Reporting categories through the system include:

  • Financial Matters, including theft or falsification of records;
  • Academic Misconduct, including misappropriation of grant costs or plagiarism;
  • Human Resources, including harassment or conflicts of interest;
  • Student Affairs, including misuse of assets or athletic recruiting violations;
  • Risk and Safety, including unsafe campus conditions or environmental issues; and
  • Information Technology, including data privacy or security.

The EthicsPoint site gives instructions and sends an automated confirmation of each report. Gallaudet will then investigate each report, and the person who reported the issue can track the investigation’s progress through the EthicsPoint website.

For questions or additional information, please contact us.

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