Fall Semester

  • PSY701 Legal, Ethical, & Professional Issues in School Psych (3cr)
  • PSY711 Principles of Statistics (3cr)
  • PSY706 Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in Communities and Schools (3cr)
  • PSY743 Assessment I: History and Theory Assessment (4cr)
  • *PSY723 Psychology & Deafness (3cr)

Spring Semester

  • *PSY712 Research Method (3cr)
  • PSY746 Assessment II (3cr)
  • PSY732 Child Psychopathology and Behavior Disorders (3cr)
  • *PSY733 Child Development (3cr)
  • PSY770 Practicum I: Cognitive Assessment (3cr)

Comprehensive Examinations (Legal & Ethical & Statistics, Psychometrics & Research Method) and Child Development Comprehensive Examination

  • HSL507 Audiology and Communication Access for Service Providers and Professionals (3cr)
  • PSY820 History & System (3cr)
  • ASL Courses (3cr)

Fall Semester

  • *PSY809 Social Psychology & Human Diversity (2cr)
  • PSY734 Learning and Memory (3cr)
  • PSY754 Biological Psychology: Brian & Behavior (3cr)
  • PSY760 Crisis Intervention and Prevention Services (3cr)

Spring Semester

  • *PSY854 Psychopharmacology
  • *PSY762 Psychology of Emotion
  • PSY748 Academic Assessment, Learning Disabilities & Evidence Based Intervention
  • PSY766 Behavioral and Therapeutic Interventions with Children


  • ASL Courses

Fall Semester

  • PSY771 Advanced Doctoral Practicum and Supervision II (3cr)
  • PSY735 Applied Behavior Analysis (3cr)
  • PSY767 Consultation Theory, Practice, & Collaboration (3cr)
  • PSY774 Advanced Therapeutic Methods for Children and Adolescents (3cr)

Spring Semester

  • PSY773 Advanced Doctoral Practicum and Supervision III (3cr)
  • PSY765 Assessment III: Child and Adolescents Personality and Behavior (3cr)
  • PSY768 Home-School-Community Collaboration and Family Therapy (3cr)
  • PSY705 Single Subject Method for Behavioral Science (3cr)
  • PSY702 Seminar for Professional Practice in School Psychology (3cr)

Applied Research Project and PRAXIS
Fall Semester

  • PSY790 Internship: Individual Case Conferencing (3cr)
  • PSY791 Internship: Teacher Consultation (3cr)

Spring Semester

  • PSY792 Internship: System Consultation
  • PSY793 Advanced case Study

*Courses shared with the Clinical Psychology Program

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