Gregory Farber, B.S.

Greg is an advanced student in the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program at Gallaudet University. Previously, he attended Rochester Institute of Technology, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology.

He has served as co-editor of the Gallaudet Chronicles of Psychology since 2014, overseeing the publication of several volumes.

Greg’s research interests are closely related with areas of developmental trajectories of deaf individuals and accurate diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorders in this population. He remains committed to supporting the goals for the Chronicles, promoting psychological research related to disability and deafness and helping his fellow graduate students to share their works with the rest of the deaf community.

Allison Beckmann, B.A.

Allison is a 2nd-year student in the Clinical Psychology Ph.D program at Gallaudet University. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Iona College.

Allison joined the editorial team as a co-editor in the winter of 2018. She took up the role as she believes that the Chronicles is a valuable component in disseminating research and literature related to deaf individuals and the deaf community.

Allison’s research aims to identify prevalence of suicide risk in deaf and hard of hearing populations. Her current work examines the influence of attachment style and acculturation on risk for suicide in these groups.

Outside of her doctorate program, Allison is the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for Gallaudet University. Allison aims to make strength training more accessible for deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

Faculty Editorial Supervisor

Lori Day, Ph.D.

Dr. Day received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology Requirements from Gallaudet University, and she joined the Clinical Psychology program as faculty in 2012. She is currently an assistant professor, where her responsibilities include teaching, research, supervision, and mentoring of graduate students.

She has been the faculty editorial supervisor for the Chronicles since 2014 and is committed to supporting graduate student involvement in research to support deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

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