Submission. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to the psychology department. Prior to submission, please carefully read and follow the submission guidelines detailed below. Manuscripts that do not conform to the submission guidelines may be returned without review. The Gallaudet Chronicle of Psychology encourages all graduate students to submit manuscripts for publication. Although submissions with relevance to the issues of deafness and disability are especially welcomed, the Chronicle does accept materials related to a wide variety of topics in psychology. The process of publication of the Chronicle closely mimics that of other peer-reviewed professional journals which provides students with a great opportunity to gain exposure to the publishing process. We welcome article submissions in the following areas:

  • Quantitative and qualitative empirical research
  • Theoretical/conceptual papers
  • Comprehensive literature reviews
  • Case studies that highlight critical or overlooked issues of assessment and therapy with persons from minority and/or disability groups
  • Manuscripts addressing the unique challenges of psychologists working with exceptional clients

Acceptance policy. Submissions are accepted following an open call for papers, with the aim to print two Chronicle issues per year. We are currently opening the winter solicitation, with a submission deadline of October 26th, 2016. All manuscripts submitted to the Chronicles are peer reviewed. The first round of peer review is expected to take up to 4 weeks. Once the submitted manuscript is reviewed, the primary author will receive e-mail notification (approximately 6-8 weeks after initial submission) with information about

  • Acceptance,
  • Acceptance with minor revisions,
  • Encouragement for major revisions and resubmission, or
  • Rejection of their manuscript.

Accepted manuscripts are generally published within four to six months after initial submission depending upon submission dates, revision turnaround time, and at the discretion of the Editors-in-Chief. If you have any questions about the submission process, please e-mail the Editors-in-Chief.

Submission guidelines. All manuscripts submitted will be initially screened by the editorial board and then sent out for masked peer review, if evaluated as appropriate for the journal.

Masked Review Policy. The Gallaudet Chronicles of Psychology uses a masked review process. It means that authors are asked to submit two separate documents, a cover letter with all identifying information about the author and the de-identified manuscript. The cover letter should include the title of the manuscript, the authors’ names and institutional affiliations, and the date the manuscript is submitted, as well as the name, address, affiliation, and full contact information, including email address and phone number (with specification – voice, text, videophone) for each of the authors. The first page of the manuscript should include only the title of the manuscript and the date of submission. Footnotes containing information pertaining to the authors’ identity or affiliations should be removed. Every effort should be made to see that the manuscript itself contains no clues to the authors’ identity. A masked review process means that the authors also will not be informed about the identity of the specific reviewer(s) of their manuscript, although all reviewers’ names will be listed in the corresponding edition of the Chronicle. Authors are asked to refrain from any attempts to discuss details of the reviewing process of their manuscript with their assumed reviewer even after the process of reviewing is completed.

Manuscript Preparation. Authors should prepare manuscripts according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th Ed.). Manuscripts may be copyedited for bias-free language (see Chapter 3 of the Publication Manual). Double-space all copies. Other formatting instructions, as well as instructions on preparing tables, figures, references, metrics, and abstracts do appear in the 6th Edition of the APA Manual.

Abstract and keywords. All manuscripts must include an abstract containing a maximum of 200 words. After the abstract, please supply up to five keywords or brief phrases.

Length. Manuscripts for the Gallaudet Chronicles of Psychology may be regular-length submissions (5,000 words, including references, tables, or figures) or brief reports (up to 2,500 words, including references, tables, or figures).

References. Authors should list all references in alphabetical order. Each listed reference should be cited in text, and each text citation should be listed in the References section. Follow the APA Manual guidelines for reference formatting.

Ethical Principles. It is a violation of APA Ethical Principles to publish “as original data, data that have been previously published” (Standard 8.13). In addition, APA Ethical Principles specify that “after research results are published, psychologists do not withhold the data on which their conclusions are based from other competent professionals who seek to verify the substantive claims through reanalysis and who intend to use such data only for that purpose, provided that the confidentiality of the participants can be protected and unless legal rights concerning proprietary data preclude their release” (Standard 8.14). APA expects authors to adhere to these standards. Specifically, APA expects authors to have their data available throughout the editorial review process and for at least 5 years after the date of publication. Authors are required to state in writing that they have complied with APA ethical standards in the treatment of their sample, human or animal, or to describe the details of treatment.

Preparation of Revised Submissions. After the initial revision, the authors will receive anonymous feedback from the reviewer with suggestions regarding the improvement of the manuscript. The revised papers must be send back to the Chronicle within 2 weeks from the date of returning it to the author or they will be treated as new submissions for subsequent Chronicle issues. If the authors require additional time, authors must notify the Editors-in-Chief and provide them with the suggested date of submission.

Resubmission/Revision Cover Letter. The cover letter should include a point-by-point response to the comments of the reviewers and the Editor. A detailed description of all changes made by the author is required before the Editors can process the revision.

Appeals Process for Manuscript Submissions. If your manuscript was rejected and you believe that the reviewer misunderstood your point or it was done for reasons other than strictly professional, you may appeal the editorial decision by contacting directly the Editors-in-Chief and stating your complaint. If you appeal to the Editor(s) and are not satisfied with the Editor(s)’s response, the next step in the editorial appeal procedure is to contact the Chronicle Faculty Editorial Supervisor, Dr. Lori Day.

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