Student Body Government’s Welcome Reception For Cordano

President Roberta “Bobbi” Cordano received a warm welcome from a large crowd of students at the JSAC Multipurpose Room during the Student Body Government’s (SBG) welcome reception for her on January 28, 2016, from 12:30 to 2 p.m.

The reception began with students enjoying light refreshments while catching up following the blizzard that shut down the University for three days; many commented on the positive impact already made by Cordano.  
“I was particularly impressed at what she did throughout the blizzard. She made sure students were okay, really connected with them, reassured them, and was very thorough with checking to make sure everyone was safe,” said student Thinaja Nadarajah. “She is off to a great start.”

Following the meet and greet, Cordano was introduced by SBG President Mary Harman and Graduate Student Association President Gregory Farber. “Bobbi is an agent of change; she believes in us students,” said Harman. “We hope you will require positive change, addressing different issues we as a community have faced such as racism. We are really touched you could join us and be part of our family.”

Afterward, Cordano walked on stage, receiving tremendous applause. “Being your president is such a privilege. Being here at a place of higher education, you came here to learn, not only in a scholarly fashion, but about each other,” said Cordano.

Cordano also talked about her shared experiences with students during the snowstorm. “As we found out this past weekend, flexibility is key. Reaching out to each other, helping each other, was a valuable lesson for all of us. Life cannot always be planned perfectly; we will all face obstacles every now and then. Some may stumble and fall off a wave of life, but we will all recover and forge ahead.”

Cordano closed her short speech with an inspirational message. “We will ride this wave together throughout my presidency. I look forward to it.”

Nadarajah shared her enthusiasm about Cordano’s presidency. “I’m very excited for her tenure. I’m really hoping she will reconnect our community and be a great representative for the deaf community,” said Nadarajah.

English Language Institute student Mohammed Alenezi also spoke highly of Gallaudet’s 11th president.  “I’m proud of our first female president. She has been extremely approachable. I expect her to address most of our complaints and solve long-standing problems on campus.”

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