Lawrence Musa


Civic Leadership, Business and Social ChangeBusiness

202-250-2366 (videophone)

202-651-5150 (voice)


Mr. Musa earned an undergraduate degree in biology and computer information systems from Gallaudet and a master of business administration degree from the University of Texas, Odessa. He enjoys soccer, running, badminton, volleyball, sightseeing, keeping abreast of public health and health-related issues, photography, educational philanthropic activities benefiting Deaf children in developing countries, cooking, reading, and science fiction.


Currently Teaching

BUS-331 Business Statistics II Credits: 3
BUS-361 Global Dimensions of Business Credits: 3
BUS-391 Production & Operations Management Credits: 3
BUS-499 Independent Study Credits: 1-3
ECO-351 Money and Banking Credits: 3
PHS-499 Independent Study Credits: 1-3
VEE-101 Examine seminar Credits: 3
ECO-714 Economic Development Credits: 3

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Lawrence Musa



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