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[Video Description: A white-presenting blonde woman is sitting in front of brown background, wearing a dark blue sleeveless shirt, dangling round earrings and blue rimmed glasses. The video opens with her signing in ASL: "Hello I'm Jamie Yost, I have worked at Gallaudet Interpreting Service since 2003. One of the philosophies I have applied to my life, one that helps me succeed each day is something I'd like to take this moment to share with all of you. The Buddha teaches that as humans, we come with many ideas, goals, and dreams. Whether around work, school or your personal lives. We become very busy everyday focused on what is in our heads - our ideas, our goals, our dreams, but when we do that we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves, our bodies, our health. It is important to maintain balance between one's mind ( you ideas and goals) and focus on the body (self-care). That is mind-body connection. When we connect the mind to the body we are ever more successful. What are you doing everyday to care for your body so that you might enjoy life long success!?"]

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