Dr. Geoffrey Whitebread has been teaching at Gallaudet University since 2006. He served as a coordinator and lecturer in the Honors Program from 2006 - 2019, supporting a total of 118 student Honors capstone projects! He has served as the Director of the Master in Public Administration (MPA) program since 2020. 

Dr. Whitebread graduated with his Ph.D. in Political Science with a concentration in research methods in 2018. Dr. Whitebread’s dissertation was titled “Intersectionality in Political Science: How Race/Ethnicity and Gender Affect Political Preferences.” Dr. Whitebread does research in a variety of academic fields. Dr. Whitebread’s multidisciplinary research agenda advances knowledge of pedagogy, intersectionality, social equity, data equity, the changing marijuana landscape, Deaf people in public administration, and the inclusion of people with disabilities in the public sector. Dr. Whitebread is currently developing databases of deaf-serving nonprofits and deaf public sector leaders in the United States. 

Dr. Whitebread’s teaching emphasizes student engagement, creativity, and innovative teaching methods. Dr. Whitebread teaches both undergraduate and graduate students in the Government program, Honors Program, Disaster and Emergency Preparedness program, the MPA Program. He has created more than 25 unique courses over his career with a wide range of topics designed to keep students interested and engaged! These topics include Public Leadership, Deaf Leadership, Research Methods (statistics), Understanding Genocide, Insurrections in Democracies, Racism and Sexism, Social Equity, Organizational Culture, Employee Engagement, Artificial Intelligence, and the Past and Future of Public Administration. 

  • GSR-101 First Year Seminar (2014/01)(19H)
  • HON-487 Prep for Senior Honors Project (2013/02)(01)
  • HON-488 Honors Capstone Seminar (2011/01)(01)
  • HON-489 Honors Capstone Completion (2009/02)(01)
  • HON-495 Special Topics (2009/01)(01)
  • GOV-410 Intro to Rsch Mthd (2020/01)(01)
  • HON-487 Proposal for Univ Hnrs Cpstne (2018/02)(01)
  • HON-488 Honors Capstone Seminar (2016/01)(01)
  • HON-488 Univ Honors Capstone Progress (2018/01)(01)
  • MPA-710 Intro to Public Administration (2020/01)(02)
  • MPA-713 Budgeting Public Sector/NonPro (2020/01)(01)
  • MPA-838 Org Dev & Management (2019/02)(01)
  • MPA-716 Quality Mgmt-PubSec/NPOrg (2021/02)(01)
  • MPA-790 Capstone Exp in Public Adm (2022/02)(OL1)
  • GOV-410 Intro to Rsch Mthd (2023/01)(01)
  • MPA-714 Strategic Leadership & Mgmnt (2023/01)(OL1)
  • Research Methods Tutoring (2021/01)
  • Disaster Emergency Preparedness Interdisciplinary Foundations Course (2022/03)
  • The Capstone Experience: What is the Value Added?
  • From D-List to A-List: Using Student Learning Outcomes to Improve Rigor and Standardize Administration of Honors Option Contracts.
  • The Strands Curriculum: Expanding the Types of Honors Capstones.
  • The ABC(D)s of Contracts, Assessment, Benchmarks, Commonalities, and Data
  • Change and Be Changed: Programmatic Approaches to Diversity
  • Quantitative Intersectionality Research
  • Intersectionality and Marijuana Decriminalization: Empirical Evidence of Intersectionality in Political Preferences
  • Intersectionality and Immigration Policy Preferences
  • More than Race and Gender: Revisiting Intersectionality in the Scholarship and Practice of Public Administration
  • ADA Spending Case Study: New York City
  • Funding for Accommodations Provided to People with Disabilities including Mandates under the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • The Intersectional Imperative: Including People with Disabilities in the Scholarship and Practice of Public Administration
  • Intersectionality in Political Science: How Race/Ethnicity and Gender Affect Political Preferences
  • Evolving Public Service: American Sign Language Interpreters During COVID-19
  • Including People with Disabilities in Public Administration: Designing a Call to Action
  • Building Honors Contracts: Insights and Oversights
  • Stoneover: The Observed Lessons and Unanswered Questions of Cannabis Legalization
  • Disproportionate Impact of Fines and Fees in States which Decriminalized Marijuana
  • Recalibrating Public Service: Valuing Engagement, Empathy, Social Equity, and Ethics in Public Administration
  • Serving in Silence: The Unheard Stories of Essential Public Servants
  • Staking the Tent at the Margins: Expanding and Deepening Social Equity through Disability Justice in Public Administration
  • Deaf Nonprofits Database
  • Dangers of Agnostic Analysis
  • Professor Emerit and Honorary Degree Committee 2019/01
  • MPA Admissions Committee 2019/01
  • Policy Committee of CGE 2019/01
  • Graduate Student Research Travel Fund committee 2019/01-2019/02
  • University Honors Council - Admissions Committee 2006/01
  • Honors Thesis/Capstone Committees 2006/01-2018/02
  • Self-Directed Major Committee 2012/01-2018/02
  • Honors Program Assessment Coordinator 2007/01-2018/02
  • Steering Committee Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) self-study 2010/01-2015/02
  • Co-chair, Admissions and Retention Subcommittee for MSCHE self-study 2010/01-2015/02
  • NASPAA Accreditation Institute 2020/01-2020/01
  • MPA Faculty Search Committee 2019/01-2019/02
  • Honors Program Transition 2019/01-2019/03
  • MPA Program Director 2020/02
  • MPA Assessment Coordinator 2020/02
  • Return to Campus Effort 2021/01-2021/01
  • Emerging Signer Faculty Rubric for Motivation and Connection 2021/01-2021/01
  • University Honors Council 2019/01
  • United Nations Association 2022/01-2022/01
  • Ad Hoc Senate Committee on School Directors and Faculty Bylaws 2022/01
  • The Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA) Conference 2020/01-2020/01
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