Panoramic Photo of Museum Team with Consultant Dean Krimmel during Museum Exhibition Retreat. Caption reads: Writer Trevor De Rosch explains to Consultant Dean Krimmel and the Museum Team about the history of a photograph.

Picture this on the Chapel Hall floor: blue tape, copies of old photos laid out, notes, people conversing back and forth, all in a flurry of activity. Well, on September 27, 2013, that flurry of activity was the Gallaudet Museum’s staff discussing exhibition layout plans as part of the preparation for its 150th Anniversary Exhibition, called Gallaudet at 150 and Beyond.

The tape represents the size of our display panels, and the copies of old photographs were there to give us ideas for how to design the panels. The panels will be placed on the wall at eye level, with photos, descriptions, and documents displayed to indulge you in the history of Gallaudet University.

Included in the group were Director and Curator Jane Norman, Museum Consultant Dean Krimmel of Qm2, Designer Scott Carollo, Chief Writer Meredith Peruzzi, Museum Staff Support Specialist Brian Suchite, and Museum Exhibition Writers Amee Powell, Amber Rush, Trevor De Rosch, and Derrick Behm, and Dr. Stephen Nover.

Photo of paper laid out on floor with blue tape. Caption reads: Lists of the exhibition contents are laid out on one of the several taped off areas representing the panels of the exhibit.
Photo of Meredith Peruzzi looking up at the list of contents taped on the wall while Trevor De Rosch lays out copies of photographs on the floor. Caption reads: Chief writer Meredith Peruzzi checks a list of contents while Writer/Researcher Trevor De Rosch lays out the photographs.
Photograph of team standing. Caption reads: Museum's Chief Writer, Meredith Peruzzi, explains the procedures of exhibition content lay outs to the team.
Museum team overviews the photograph contents. Caption reads: The Museum team reviews and discusses the lay out of the exhibition content.

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