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Student Body Government letter to the faculty STUDENT BODY GOVERNMENTGALLAUDET UNIVERSITYKENDALL GREEN, WASHINGTON, D.C. 20002 February 26, 1988 ADMINISTRATION 1987-1988 MAIN OFFICE(202) 651-5390 TO: Collegiate Faculty From: U. Sung Chung, Special Assistant to President RE: Deaf President Now Rally The idea of a deaf person being named president of this University is exceptionally important to the entire community of people concerned with deafness and education. In our view, it now demands our action. Accordingly, as you may already know, a rally has been planned on Tuesday, March 1, from 12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. to enable Gallaudet’s students, faculty, and staff to register their belief that the Board can best act in the interests of Gallaudet University by naming a deaf president. This rally’s specific objectives are to make known our contention that it is high time a deaf individual be designated to lead this institution and increase public awareness of this view. We realize that any timing of this event can disrupt some classes and other preplanned activities, and we apologize for any problems that this may cause you. Tuesday afternoon was selected because fewer classes are scheduled at that time than on other days. It is certainly not our intention to encourage students to cut their classes or ask faculty members to excuse those who do. However, we do hope that as the teachers of the future leaders of the American deaf community, you will understand how significant this event is to all of us. We also hope you will accept the importance of deaf students learning to exercise their citizenship and social responsibility duties. Thus, we hope you will recognize the rally as a legitimate and necessary activity and will if you can join us on Tuesday.

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