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The following are diplomas granted to Gallaudet University graduate and undergraduate students and signed by United States President Barack Obama, who was inaugurated in January of 2009.

Diplomas were also signed by Gallaudet University President Robert R. Davila, ’53, who was president from 2007 until 2009. President T. Alan Hurwitz became president in January 2010.

U.S. President

Gallaudet Presidents

Barack Obama

Barack Obama


Robert R. Davila

Robert R. Davila, ’53


T. Alan Hurwitz

T. Alan Hurwitz



Jeremiah Reginald Sammons Diploma

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Jeremiah Reginald Sammons

Jeremiah Reginald Sammons

Bachelor of Arts

summa cum laude

May 2013

Gallaudet University would like to thank Jeremiah Sammons, ’13, for generously donating his diploma to the University Archives.

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In 1864, Congress passed a bill authorizing the institution, known as the Columbia Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind, to establish the National College for the Deaf and Dumb which would provide college-level instruction and confer college degrees. On...

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