Image of GU Stereocard

Photo courtesy of Gallaudet University Archives

This is an excerpt of the Daily Digest news dated on 8/16/13:

Michael Olson, interim director, Library Deaf Collections and Archives, recently acquired these images of Chapel Hall on eBay. The top image is a stereoscope card, popular in the 19th century, these cards featured two similar but different images taken with a camera with two lenses. The cards would be viewed with a stereoscope viewer that caused the images to blend and create a 3-D effect.

Chapel Hall was built in 1870, and while these photos are undated, Olson believes them to be from the early 1870’s because the the clock faces have not been installed and the stone retaining wall has not been built.

Close Up view of photograph in the stereoview card.

Photo courtesy of Gallaudet University Archives. This photo is an enlargement from the stereoview card.

Aforementioned, Chapel Hall was built in 1870 and was dedicated in January 28, 1871. U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant and several U.S. Senators, including future President James Garfield (Assassinated in 1881), were present at the dedication. in 1966, the Chapel Hall was designated as National Register of Historical Places by the National Park Services. It cost $106,087.00 to build.

Both the Tower Clock and bell were purchased in 1875 for $1,076.90. The campus plan was designed by Olmsted, Vaux and Co. The architect of Chapel Hall was Frederick C. Weithers of Vaux, Withers and Co.

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