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On Thursday, April 20, 2017, from 7 to 8:30 p.m., 19 members of the Latinx Student Union will present its annual performance of The Glass Wall at the Andrew Foster Auditorium.
Inspiration for The Glass Wall came from a viewing of the short film “Second Chance.” The film shows the relationship between a Mexican hearing family and their deaf daughter, Ruby. Kristy Ramos, ’15, former president of LSU, watched the film in 2014. From this, she established the first performance of The Glass Wall. It is now an LSU’s annual tradition.

LSU member Jasmin Leon will perform in a play called “Pride” and the poem “For Us.” She also serves on the committee helping to coordinate the event.

“The objective for this performance is to spread awareness about deaf Latinx individuals’ experiences of frustration, oppression, and how they break through barriers,” said Leon. “The image of the glass being broken with our hand represents the barriers we are against and how we break it with our will.”

One of the goals of LSU is to educate people about Hispanic culture, values, and community. They see this performance as a way to expose their culture to others, providing an evening of immersion. The Glass Wall will especially focus on family, and Leon expects this will provide much emotion for actors as well as the audience.
“Family is most valued in our lives,” said Leon. “Our actors are being brave to open up and share their experiences with the audience even though it is not easy for them to do so.”

LSU plans to perform The Glass Wall at the Rochester Institute of Technology in September, and the Marlton School and Council de Manos’s 5th Biennial Conference, both in California, in October. 
The price of admission will be $5, and proceeds will benefit LSU’s travel expenses to attend the Council de Manos conference.

This year’s performers are:

  • Eunice Vazquez
  • Carlos Cambre
  • Gregorio Mata
  • Pablo Gonzalez
  • Daisy Perez
  • Breannah Medina
  • Precious Grace Bautista
  • Nabeela Shollenberger
  • Angie Bedoya
  • Shara Bonill
  • Emma Balderas
  • Robert Amusquivar
  • imberly Daby
  • Hector Reynoso
  • Kayla Raquel
  • Eric Teran
  • Leticia Arellano
  • Gabriel Arellano
  • Jasmin Leon
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