Inspired by the Gallaudet Promise and guided by the recommendations of our 2017-19 Internationalization Lab, the Office of International Affairs will lead and vigorously collaborate with others in four key areas.

Foster a Truly “Global Gallaudet”

  • Advancing solutions for incorporating an international dimension and cultural sensitivity into all campus planning, operations, and activities by:
    • Participating in administration/faculty governance and advisory bodies.
    • Building the capacity of campus personnel to “think and act globally” in their work.
  • Serving as a “global knowledge hub” by:
    • Hosting campus dialogue on issues of global importance.
  • Building a bilingual repository of findings and innovations from our campus and elsewhere.

Internationalize the Learning Experience

  • Mobilizing synergy between the faculty and Education Abroad.
    • Infuse “global learning” into curriculum and academic clustering.
    • Build a “bridge” with faculty governance through a Global Learning Faculty Administrator.
  • Expanding Gallaudet’s portfolio of overseas programs.
    • Advising students to choose programs that fit their personal “global learning arc”.
    • Enriching academic and community vitality through “Returning World Travelers” activities.
  • Enabling students’ and faculty members’ applications to international fellowships.
    • Tackle student affordability to study and research abroad.
    • Inform the faculty of opportunities for professional development and service.

Advance international students and scholars as assets and ensure their equitable participation in campus life

  • Easing new students’ transition to Gallaudet by ensuring equal access to learning and all campus activities and services, including immigration support and compliance.
    • Facilitate “All Hands On,” a multi-unit effort to tackle international students’ concerns.
  • Showcasing how international students, scholars, and personnel contribute to our success.
    • Feature their contributions in Global Connection Gatherings and other bilingual means.

Favor multifaceted relationships and transformative partnerships

  • Timely and comprehensive review of overseas opportunities, thereby gradually evolving a “grand global strategy” toward a sustainable portfolio of international relationships.
    • Continuously confer with the Office of the President and Office of the Provost.
    • Launch the Global Opportunity Assessment League (GOAL) for a cross-division, 360-degree review of prospective overseas academic and business opportunities.
    • Collect in-depth information about nations and deaf communities of interest, in a Global Knowledge Base, and involve our personnel and alumni with expertise there.
  • Facilitating rewarding collaborations to project our values and the “Gallaudet experience.”
    • Introduce international strategic visitors to the Gallaudet Experience.
    • Operate “Gallaudet University in Nigeria-Africa” (G.A.I.N.), Japan, Norway, & World Federation of the Deaf initially.

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