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All IRB applications are handled through Gallaudet Cayuse Human Ethics (  If you are a first-time user, please submit a request to have Gallaudet Cayuse Human Ethics account created.  Please check IRB Process on how to complete your IRB Applications.  Here is the list of sample documents that you may need for your research.

Gallaudet Cayuse Human Ethics is available to Gallaudet University faculty, staff, and students.  Students will also need a faculty advisor to use the online system.  Once access has been granted, log on using your Gallaudet credentials.

Sample documents:

Sample informed Consent

This informed consent form will explain everything that the participant will be required to do during the study, risks, benefits, and payment information

Sample Video Release Form

This video release form will inform your participants that you plan to video them and explain what you plan to do with the videos.

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