These templates are provided as a resource. Check out the FAQ section regarding their use.


Informed Consent Form

The informed consent form explains to the participant what they will need to do during the study, and discloses the risks, benefits, and payment information.

Video Release Form

This video release form asks the participants to give their consent on being recorded on video along with a confirmation that they understand how the video footage will be used.

Payment Verification: If under $100

To be used with participants when compensation is under $100. This can be modified. You must be logged in at MyGU to view this document.

Payment Verification: If $100 or more

To be used with participants when compensation is $100 or more. This should not be modified. You must be logged in at MyGU to view this document.


My research

There are several ways to make forms electronic by converting them into a PDF or creating digital versions (e.g., using Google forms). This means you can send your participant’s study forms via email and do not need to collect them in person. Be prepared to discuss any questions or concerns your participants have via email or their preferred video communication platforms like Zoom or Skype. Research teams should establish best practices for storing those forms in a secure password-protected storage device with back-ups. As a resource, University personnel has access to Adobe Sign through Other online resources like Google forms can also be used if you describe how you keep information secure.

If paper forms are required for whatever reason, handle them with care. Similarly, if you are creating digital resources but still handling them in person via tablet or laptop, sanitize your devices as recommended by health professionals.

Test your recording materials, and make sure that your video data is being recorded onto a device that has sufficient storage. Please be aware that many video conferencing software record only audio. You can make screen recordings using QuickTime or similar software, and you can back-up your data using a camera that is also filming your screen.

Some video conferencing software like Zoom allow for recording. You can directly store these in the cloud through your Zoom professional account for example and if linked to your ECHO360 account, the recording will show up there as well. If stored directly to your local computer, Gallaudet grants 1TB space size to faculty using Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive to store your information. You may need to drag and move your important files and documents from your office computer. It is recommended that you consider multiple backups of your data (both online using cloud storage and offline using external hard drives).

It’s up to the researcher(s) which format they’d like to use for consent and other forms. Whichever format they use, they must be stored for up to three years after the completion of the project. If electronic versions are used, researchers must describe how they’re keeping them secure in the consent forms.

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