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The following information will guide you through the IRB Process. If at any time you have questions, please email us at Contact here. You may also find answers on our FAQ page.

How to Apply to the Gallaudet IRB?

All IRB protocol application forms are submitted via Gallaudet Cayuse Human Ethics.

To obtain access to the system, please use the Gallaudet IRB. Please review our IRB Process to read more about how the application process works with Gallaudet Cayuse Human Ethics.

Please review when IRB Review is Not Required and also see our IRB Determination Tool

How to renew approval for continuing projects

Researchers are required by federal regulations to have an ongoing renewal of the IRB approval for continuing projects. Full board review project approvals are renewed on a yearly basis. Approval for expedited research projects will be up for renewal two years from the date of the IRB review. Exempt projects do not need to be renewed but if modifications are made, then they need to be reported. It is the responsibility of the investigator(s) to be accountable for ongoing research projects. All information related to your research can be found on the Gallaudet Cayuse Human Ethics dashboard. For existing research that needs to be renewed or modified, please send an email to us and we will import your existing research to Cayuse Human Ethics to renew or modify. Submit a renewal application through Gallaudet Cayuse Human Ethics to continue your research project.

How to close the research project?

If the projects have not been renewed after one or two years (depending on the review status of your project), it will be moved to closed status. You can also go to Gallaudet Cayuse Human Ethics dashboard and review your research and close research projects.

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