Areas of Study


ITS-595 Special Topics

Grading System: letter grades only.

ITS-595 Special Topics

Credit 1-3


ITS-101 Computer Applications I

This course and lab equip student to function in the information society. It introduces students to the current Windows environment and Microsoft Office Suites as...


ITS-105 Information Technology Fundamentals

This is the first IT course for students who plan to major or minor in IT. The course and the lab provide the conceptual foundations...


ITS-110 Programming Fundamentals

This course introduces fundamental concepts of computer programming. Students learn program logic, flow charting, and problem solving through analysis, development, basic debugging and testing procedures....


ITS-195 Special Topics

Special topics in the discipline, designed primarily for freshmen. Students may enroll in 195 Special Topics multiple times, as long as the topics differ.

ITS-195 Special Topics

Credit 1-5


ITS-202 Computer Hardware Essentials

This course covers essential concepts in computer hardware with a focus on Personal Computers (PC). Students will learn the core components including the processor, motherboard,...


ITS-203 Operating Systems Essentials

This course covers fundamental concepts of computer operating systems. It provides the theory and technical information on popular operating systems, such as Windows, Mac OS,...


ITS-211 Programming Language I

In this course, students learn problem-solving and programming coding skills to develop software applications/tools. Students are introduced to a high-level programming language. Topics include data...


ITS-212 Programming Language II

This course continues the development of the principles of a high-level programming language introduced in the Programming Language I course. Topics include: data abstraction, encapsulation,...


ITS-231 Computer Networking Essentials

This course provides a comprehensive coverage of networking hardware, operating systems, topologies, protocols, design, implementation, security, and troubleshooting; along with research and communication skills necessary...


ITS-252 Introduction to Web Technologies

This course introduces internet technology and the principles and techniques necessary for successful web development. Topics such as HTML5, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, DOM, jQuery,...


ITS-261 Information Security Fundamentals

This course provides the foundation for understanding the key issues associated with protecting information assets, determining the levels of protection and response to security incidents,...


ITS-295 Special Topics

Special Topics in the discipline, designed primarily for sophomores. Students may enroll in 295 Special Topics multiple times, as long as the topics differ.

ITS-295 Special Topics

Credit 1-5


ITS-311 Introduction to Mobile Applications Development

This course provides students with the essential conceptual knowledge and hands-on experience in designing and creating applications for mobile devices. It covers the best practices...


ITS-321 Database Fundamentals

This course teaches logical and physical characteristics of data and their organization and retrieval in information processing. Topics include database theory and architecture, data modeling,...


ITS-322 Client / Server Database Applications

This course builds on the knowledge and skills acquired from database fundamentals. It covers technologies such as SQL and PHP and advanced topics in database...


ITS-341 Systems Analysis and Design

A study of the methods used in analyzing needs for information and in specifying requirements for an application system. Implementation of the operational system, integration...


ITS-352 Web Programming

This course emphasizes on building dynamic Internet and web-based applications that interact with other applications and databases. Students will learn a variety of scripting languages,...


ITS-365 Cryptography and Computer Security

This is an introductory course in cryptography for computer security. It covers classical cryptosystems, block ciphers and the advanced encryption standard, public-key cryptography, RSA cryptosystem,...


ITS-367 Digital Forensics

The course analyzes the protocols involved in cybersecurity investigations, and provides a thorough grounding in the principles required to assume the role of a cybersecurity...


ITS-371 Human Computer Interaction

This course examines the practical and theoretical issues of how people interact with computers. Students are introduced to an overview of user-centered design principles and...


ITS-372 Communication Accessibility

This course is cross-listed and is otherwise known as COM 390. The ability to have access to communications is an important foundation for empowerment of...


ITS-381 Social and Professional Issues in IT

This course explores how IT has changed the nature of society and contributed to evolution of global economy. It examines changing nature of work, education,...


ITS-382 IT Technical Writing

This course teaches students how to create technical documents that are generally expected from an IT professional. Students will learn to write clearly and succinctly...


ITS-395 Special Topics

Special topics in the discipline, designed primarily for juniors. Students may enroll in 395 Special Topics multiple times, as long as the topics differ.

ITS-395 Special Topics

Credit 1-5


ITS-423 Database Administration

This course will cover techniques essential to a Database Administrator. Topics include: creating the initial database; configuring storage space, tables and users; monitoring performance; securing...


ITS-433 Network Administration – Server Support

This course covers topics such as managing server hardware devices; creating and managing users and groups; managing disk, data storage, and file access; implementing and...


ITS-453 E-Commerce Application Development

This course is designed to provide the students with the prerequisite skills and knowledge to participate in the ever-growing electronic business sector. Specific topic areas...


ITS-462 Corporate Information Security

This course covers information security issues in corporate environments. The focus is on the threat environment, security policy and planning, cryptography, secure networks, access control,...


ITS-492 Senior Capstone Project II

As part two of a two-semester sequence courses intended for senior IT majors to integrate knowledge and skills acquired in the IT core curriculum and...


ITS-495 Special Topics

Special topics in the discipline, designed primarily for seniors who are majors or minors. Students may enroll in 495 Special Topics multiple times, as long...

ITS-495 Special Topics

Credit 1-5


ITS-499 Independent Study

Intensive supervised study and research on topics of the student's selection.


ITS-595 Special Topics

Grading System: letter grades only.

ITS-595 Special Topics

Credit 1-3

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