Students who wish to minor in History must have a 2.0 GPA for admission. Students with a minor in History must maintain a 2.0 GPA in History courses with no more than two grades of D+ or lower in minor courses.

Courses & Requirements

Summary of Requirements

Required pre-minor courses 6 credits

A survey of the history of world civilizations from pre-History to approximately 1500. Topics usually include the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia and the Near East, Persia, Egypt, India, and China; pre-modern Africa; ancient Greece and Rome; the development of Christianity; the development of Islam; Byzantium; Medieval China and Southeast Asia; Medieval Europe; the European Renaissance and Reformation.

Credits: 3
Distribution: Bachelors, Undergraduate

A survey of the history of world civilizations from approximately 1500 to the present. Topics usually include the European Age of Exploration; early-modern Europe; the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment; the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions; early-modern Asia and Southeast Asia; the early-modern Muslim Empires; early-modern Africa; democratic and liberal revolutions of the 18th century; the ideologies (Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism); late 19th century Imperialism; Latin America in the 19th century; the First World War and Russian Revolution; 20th century Asia; 20th century dictatorships and the Second World War; post-war America and Europe; contemporary Asia and Africa; the emergence of the Third World.

Credits: 3
Distribution: Bachelors, Undergraduate

This general survey of American history examines the colonial period through the end of the Civil War. Issues covered include: slavery, Native American experiences, women's history, and westward expansion. Students will examine America's change from a colony into an independent nation and the factors leading to America's Civil War.

Credits: 3
Distribution: Bachelors, Undergraduate

This is a general survey of American history since the Civil War. Topics in this course include; Reconstruction, foreign policy, political reforms, women's history, technological and economic growth, immigration, civil rights, and America's complex identity in the 20th century.

Credits: 3
Distribution: Bachelors, Undergraduate

Required history course 3 credits

An introduction to the principles of historical research, with an emphasis on the use of research tools and source materials. Several supervised written assignments will be required; most will be based on American source materials.

Credits: 3
Distribution: Bachelors, Minor, Undergraduate

Elective courses 9 credits

Choose any three history courses from any of the other required or elective courses under the history major track.

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