Areas of Study

Selected Publications:

  1. Ramkissoon, I. (in press). Graduate Audiology Education and Student Perspectives on Over-the-counter (OTC) Hearing Aid Devices. Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups.
  2. Ramkissoon, I. (in press). An Introduction to the SIG 8 Forum on Over-the-counter (OTC) Hearing Aids. Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups.
  3. Hallowell, B., Hyter, Y.D., Watson, J.B., Combiths, P., Lansing, C.R., Ramkissoon, I., & Flynn, T. (2021). Final Report by the Ad Hoc Committee to Develop Guidance for Members and Students Engaging Globally in Clinical, Scholarly, and Other Professional Activities. American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Available at:
  4. Ramkissoon, I. (2020). Cognition and Hearing Loss: Gender, Generational and Multilingual Considerations in Differential Diagnosis. In A.B. Hamilton, C.A. Ramos-Pizarro, J.F. Rivera-Perez, W. Gonzalez, & K. Beverly-Ducker (Eds.) Exploring Cultural Responsiveness: Guided Scenarios for Communication Science and Disorders Professionals (pp. 237-242 Rockville, MD: ASHA. [book chapter]
  5. Pillay, M., & Ramkissoon, I. (2020). Civic Responsibility and Global Health Care: Audiology Service Learning Program in Africa. Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups, 5, 1075–1084.
  6. Covert H., Ilunga Tshiswaka D., Ramkissoon I., Sisskin E., Lichtveld, M., & Wickliffe J. (2019). Assessing science motivation among high school students participating in a supplemental science program: The Emerging Scholars Environmental Health Sciences Academy. International Journal of Science Education, 41 (7), 2508-2523. Available
  7. Money, L.E. & Ramkissoon I. (2019). Effects of Secondhand Smoke Exposure and Noise Exposure on Tinnitus Occurrence in College Students and Adolescents. Journal of the American Academy of Audiology. 31 (4), 286-291.
  8. Ramkissoon, I. (2019). Ototoxicity and Neurotoxicity due to Environmental Contaminants: Audiologic Impact of Cigarette Smoking & Secondhand Smoke Exposure. In Gregg Colon (ed.) Ototoxicity: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment (pp. 101-139). Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge, NY. [ISBN: 978-1-53616-396-4],
  9. Ramkissoon, I. & Buchanan, K.R. (2018). Developing Health Promotion Strategies to Enhance Clinical Practice with consideration of Risk Factors for Age-Related Hearing Loss. Communication Disorders Quarterly, 39 (4), 501-12, First published online September 13, 2017.
  10. Ramkissoon, I. & Batavia, M. (2018). Effect of Secondhand Smoke Exposure on Hearing and Auditory Evoked Potentials in Young Adults. Journal of the American Academy of Audiology, 29 (8), 685-695. First published online September 19, 2017.
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  12. Ramkissoon, I., & Beverly, B.L. (2014). Auditory Middle Latency Responses in Chronic Smokers Compared to Nonsmokers: Differential Effects of Stimulus and Age. Journal of Speech Language Hearing Research, 57 (1), 271-284. First published online 10 September 2013. 
  13. Ramkissoon, I., Dagenais, P.A., Evans, K.J., Camp, T.J., & Ferguson, N.F. (2013). Effects of ethnically-diverse photographic stimuli on preference and discourse tasks in African-American and Caucasian-American adults. Communication Disorders Quarterly, 34 (2), 97- 105. First published online 17 February 2012. 
  14. Ramkissoon, I., & Cole, M. (2011). Self-reported hearing difficulty vs. audiometric screening in younger and older smokers and nonsmokers. Journal of Clinical Medicine Research, 3(4), 183-90.
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Recent Presentations

  1. Buran, B., Armstrong, B., Hoffman, J., Mosley, C., & Ramkissoon, I. (moderator) (2022). Optimizing Participation and Communication for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing: A panel discussion collaboration between NCRAR and ASHA Special Interest Group 8, Public Health Audiology, Portland, O.R. & online via Zoom. [Invited]
  2. Ramkissoon, I. (2022). Multicultural Issues in Audiology. University of Iowa, Proseminar. [Invited]
  3. Ramkissoon, I. (2021). Exploring how Intersectionality, Equity, and Inclusion can Transform Audiology Education. Seminar (1-hour), American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) Annual Convention, Washington, D.C. [Invited]
  4. Hallowell, B., Hyter, Y., Watson, J., Combiths, C. Lansing, C.R., Ramkissoon, I. & Flynn, T. (2021). Evolving Guidance for Ethical Global Engagement in Clinical, Scholarly, Service, & Educational Activities. Master Class (2-hours), ASHA Annual Convention, Washington, D.C. [Invited]
  5. Ramkissoon, I., Garrido-Nag, K., Jaiswal, S., Lancaster-Rodriguez, L., Marcinkus, E., Maul, K., & Medwetsky, L. (2021). Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Strategies and Implementation within the Gallaudet CSD Programs. Seminar (1-hour). ASHA Annual Convention, Washington, D.C. [National]
  6. Ramkissoon, I. (2020). Paired Digits vs. Pediatric Words: Measuring SRT in Children with Language Disorder or Non-Native English Background. Oral Presentation. South African Speech Hearing Language Association (SASHLA)/ASHA 2020 Virtual Conference. [International]
  7. Ramkissoon, I., Brown, G.R., & Pillay, M. (2019). Optimizing Cultural Competence in Students: An Effective Study-Abroad Curriculum. Seminar 1-hour: ASHA convention, Orlando, FL. [National]
  8. Ramkissoon, I. (2018). Age-Related Hearing Loss: Research to Clinical Practice. Oral Presentation- Featured Session (1.5-hours), Speech and Hearing Association of Alabama (SHAA) Convention, Birmingham, AL. [Invited]
  9. Sisskin, E., Ramkissoon, I., Dupre’ Perrault, L., Walker, J., Adkison A., Langhinrichsen-Rohling, J., Covert, H., Ilunga Tshiswaka, D., Wickliffe, J., & Lichtveld, M. (2018). Facilitating Environmental Health Science Education across Four Southern States. American Public Health Association (APHA) Convention, San Diego, CA
  10. Money, L.E., & Ramkissoon I., (2018). Does Secondhand Smoke and Noise Exposure Influence Tinnitus Occurrence in College Students and Adolescents? Poster: ASHA convention, Boston, MA.
  11. Ramkissoon, I., Abdelaziz, M., Edmonds, K.C., Goel, P., Guiberson, M., Hamilton, A., Hung, P.F., Lee-Wilkerson, D., Lowell, S.Y., Rivera Perez, J.F., Scott, D.M., Vigil, D. C., & Miller, C. [Multicultural Issues Board], (2018). Building A Résumé That Tells YOUR Story. Seminar 1-hour: ASHA convention, Boston, MA.
  12. Covert H, Adkison A, Ilunga Tshiswaka D, Langhinrichsen-Rohling J, Perrault L, Ramkissoon I, Sisskin E, Stewart G, Wickliffe J, & Lichtveld M. (2018). Supplementing Public High School Students’ Access to Science Education and Careers: The Emerging Scholars Environmental Health Sciences Academy, Poster: Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill & Ecosystem Science Conference, New Orleans, LA.
  13. Edmonds, K., Ramkissoon, I., Scott, D., Vogil, D., Gerrard, E., Green, T., Guiberson, M., Hamilton, A., Harmon, A., Hung, PF., Johnson, K., & Lowell, S. [Multicultural Issues Board], (2017). How Do I look? A Cultural Competence “Selfie.” Seminar 2-hour: ASHA annual convention, Los Angeles, CA.
  14. Ramkissoon, I. & Buchanan, K.R. (2017). Maximizing Hearing Health Promotion: Innovative Practice Strategies for Adults. Seminar 2-hour: ASHA annual convention, Los Angeles, CA.

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