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Question: What is your most poignant back-to-school memory?

I clearly remember my first year at Gallaudet, when I forgot my friend’s work number and was stuck outside with my luggage at the Farragut North Metro for three hours. (I finally remembered that I had her home phone number and she eventually found me).
-Elicia Varnado, database management assistant, Admissions

I remember dropping my son off on his first day of first grade. He was crying, and I had to escape before he could see that I was crying, too! Twelve years later, when I dropped him off at college, he didn’t cry but I cried again.
-Dr. Jane Dillehay, professor, General Studies

This year is actually one of my most memorable. I’m coming back to school as a graduate student 12 years after I finished my B.A. I’m remembering all of the golden opportunities here at Gallaudet.

-Shane Dundas, a graduate student in deaf studies and Graduate Student Association vice president

For almost 29 years (at KDES) I’ve spent summers helping get everything ready for the students’ return. What makes all the work worthwhile is the moment when we watch the students barrel through the doors on their first day back, huge smiles on their faces, arms wide open, reaching out for that welcome back hug.
-Marlene Matthews, coordinator, KDES operations

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