April 2016 Service Awards

Five years: Theodore Baran, Director, Public Safety; Department of Public Safety

Ten years: Mark Beaver, Kitchen Mechanic; Maintenance Services

Fifteen years: Evon Black, Associate Director, Recruitment; Recruiting and Retention

Twenty-five years: Denise West, Manager, Institutional Compliance; Clerc Center Administration and Operations; Jean Gordon, American Sign Language (ASL) Diagnostician; ASL Diagnostic and Evaluation Services


Jennifer Little, Coordinator, Special Projects, Student Affairs; Kelly Fournier, Operations Coordinator, Gallaudet Interpreting Service

New employees

Arthur Hess, Residential Educator II, Student Life; Estedar Yilma, Research Administrator, Communication Arts Research; Lillian Holt, Executive Director, Provost; Philip Endicott, Admissions Counselor, Admissions; Clayton Grossinger, Human Resources Assistant, Human Resources Services; Jeffrey Shaumeyer, Communications, Research, and Information Technology Coordinator, Office for Students with Disabilities

Recent News

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