Dear students, staff, and faculty:

As we prepare to approach the fall semester remotely, we are extremely committed to our students and their learning. We are grateful to our students for challenging us last spring to higher standards for remote learning. We will continue to invest in our students through our commitment to educational excellence. We also remain committed to our faculty and are investing in their training for online teaching. This is extremely important in supporting the student experience.

As part of these commitments, we have made a strategic decision to implement Connected Gallaudet through a partnership with Apple to create digital solutions for innovative teaching and learning as part of our academic experience. Connected Gallaudet will distribute free iPad Pros, Apple Smart Keyboards, and Apple Pencils that can be used as a wireless stylus to all Gallaudet University degree-seeking students and faculty at the beginning of the Fall semester. Staff members who directly work with students will receive them as well.

The Connected Gallaudet Initiative ties in with three imperatives of the university’s strategic plan: equity and belonging, bilingual mission, and innovation. By offering each student an iPad Pro, we are ensuring that every student has the ability to be connected regardless of socio-economic background. Gallaudet aims to transform the academic classroom physically and virtually by integrating the new technology within their curriculums. Our bilingual mission will be enhanced through Apple’s video technology and our students will have the opportunity to design bilingual apps. Digital content accessible on the iPad will engage, empower, and encourage innovative learning.

This initiative will help students gain real-world experience and tech-savvy skills to compete in the ever-changing job market.

Here are some benefits of having this technology integrated in our learning spaces:

  • Personalized learning capabilities
  • Digital fluency
  • Increases student performance and engagement
  • Improved record keeping of students’ progress
  • Quicker turnaround time for assessments
  • Instant communication between peers and teachers
  • Presents new opportunities for innovative learning and teaching strategies

More details about distribution will be released closer to the start of the Fall semester via campus email.


Dominic Lacy
Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Lewis
Interim Provost

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