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The Office of Academic Quality received the Director’s Award for the paper that “best addressed an issue of current interest and need in the field of student retention and success” from the Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange (CSRDE) at the University of Oklahoma.

The consortium presented four awards in all. The Director’s Award was presented during the recent 12th Annual National Symposium on Student Retention (NSSR) held in Norfolk, Virginia, on November 3, 2016.

“From Data to Action: Transforming Quantitative and Qualitative Research to Community-Wide Action for Improvement in Equity Outcomes,” by Dr. Patricia Hulsebosch, Dr. Lindsay Buchko (institutional research director), and Dr. Jerri Lyn Dorminy (retention coordinator). This paper documents the process of transforming data to institutional action in supporting students of color.

The paper outlines the process of collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data, associating the findings with student success literature, sharing the results with the university community and using the results to inform action at the institutional, program, and individual level.

“I was the one who received the call from the CSRDE saying that we had won,” said Dorminy. “At first, I thought they were calling to ask for more edits and revisions to our paper, so imagine my surprise when they congratulated us and shared the good news!”

“We were very honored and humbled to have received this award, and this really would not have been possible without the community’s input, especially the students who contributed to our results,” said Buchko.

CSRDE hosts the symposium each year as a forum for administrators, faculty, and staff from institutions of higher education to share the most current research on student retention and success.

NSSR is distinguished from other conferences in that all papers presented at the symposium have gone through a multiple stage review process before presentation, beginning with the submission of abstracts. If selected, the papers are also published in the conference proceedings.

CSRDE has a diverse membership of about 400 colleges and universities with the common interest of achieving the highest levels of student success through sharing data, knowledge and innovation. It is operated by the Center for Institutional Data Exchange and Analysis at the University of Oklahoma Outreach.

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