Graduate Fellows Program

ASL, English, and quantitative skill development of our graduate students. Fellows receive mentoring and supervision to provide one-on-one coaching and in-class support. They are also responsible for sharing resources, hosting workshops and gatherings, and providing communications to the graduate community. Make an appointment in Navigate

ASL and English Resources

The Graduate Student Resource Center offers a small number of free ASL courses on campus in partnership with the Center for Continuing Education.
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ENG 600: Academic English for Graduate Students This is a course designed for bilingual (English and ASL) students enrolled in graduate ­level programs. Students in this course will have access to the latest academic English resources, digital applications, practice materials, class sessions with peers, and tutorials with the Instructor. The assignments in this course are designed to strengthen graduate level reading and writing skills on typical projects, e.g., research papers, reports, plans, and proposals. In addition, students will work with the Instructor on a final writing project of their choosing, academic or professional, and which demonstrates their ability to apply writing skills and resources from the course.

Grammarly is a resource that can improve your English writing in real-time. Although the premium version normally costs $144/year, it is FREE for Gallaudet students. Ready to get started? See the tutorial document here for instructions to download the app. An ASL version is available here.

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Dissertation Writing Retreats

Monthly dissertation writing retreats offer an opportunity for doctoral candidates to have time, space, and support with their dissertation writing.

Research Support

There are three main sources of research-related funding available to graduate students:

The Gallaudet Internal Seed Fund supports research on any topic of academic significance using accepted research methods. These funds can be used for research equipment, to pay research participants, and for expenses associated with travel to collect data. The GU Student Seed Grant Application (form) will be made available in the Adobe Sign library.
Contact your school director for more information.

The Graduate Student Research Travel Fund provides reimbursement for graduate students who travel to professional conferences to present their original research.
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The Graduate Student Association (GSA) also offers a travel assistance program, which provides reimbursement for students who attend professional conferences in their fields.
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Statistics Consultation

Working on a research study but stumped by the statistics? Want to talk with someone about study design? Not sure which data analysis software to use? The Office of the Provost and the School of Science, Technology, Accessibility, Mathematics, and Public Health are pleased to offer free statistical consultations for the entire Gallaudet community.

To get started, please complete the Statistics Consulting Request Form. Dr. Regina Nuzzo will be in touch to set up an initial appointment. Depending on the nature of the problem, follow-up appointments are available.

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Tutoring Services

The Tutorial Center coordinates tutoring services for individual graduate classes.
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Notetaking Services

At the graduate level, any student can request notetaking regardless of disability. To request note-taking services, graduate students should ask each instructor to identify a student in the class who would be interested in a paid note-taking position. Please let the Graduate Student Resource Center Navigation Specialist (contact us)know who is identified – or if you need additional assistance with finding a notetaker. Students interested in becoming a notetaker must complete a brief training and sign a notetaker contract for each course. They must manually clock in and out at the start and end of each class meeting.

Disability Support Services

The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSWD) provides accommodations and direct and indirect disability support services in collaboration with other departments and units. OSWD services for eligible students with disabilities include: adaptive technology, alternative print materials, and workshops and training on topics like self-advocacy and time management.

OSWD Services

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