Areas of Study

We will be implementing ServiceNow shortly to streamline legal requests. For now, requests can be directed to the appropriate counsel, as follows:

  • Federal Regulation & Compliance (including Grants)
  • Policy
  • Title IX
  • Finance & Tax
  • Accreditations
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Whistleblower Program
  • Workers Compensation

PLEASE NOTE: for all contract, Memoranda of Understanding and Non-Disclosure or other transactional review requests, the OGC requires a minimum of two weeks notice prior to any deadline.

We offer technical support and training on a variety of legal topics from substantive content to best practices training.

Contact Us

Office of the General Counsel

Natalie Sinicrope

Debra Patkin

(202) 250-2837

(202) 651-5547

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