• The Strategic Sourcing office makes every attempt to send out all contracts within 5 business days, provided all necessary information is included on the requisition.
  • Current Gallaudet students and employees cannot be contracted and must go through HR. A completed “Independent Contractor vs Employee Requirements” form must be completed and attached to the requisition form being submitted.
  • Contractor must provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance and attach to the requisition form being submitted.
  • A Scope of Work must be attached to the requisition form being submitted. Scope of Work should include: Name, address, email address, dates of service, duties and costs.
  • A contract is sent to the vendor via Adobe Sign or FedEx (unless the address is a PO box then it is mailed) for signature.
  • A PO is not obligated for a contract until the signed contract is returned to Strategic Sourcing office.
  • Once the contract is received the PO will be obligated and you will receive a PO and a copy of the contract via email.

NOTE: Process will be delayed if all information is not included.

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