Health-Related Workshop Descriptions

Students are encouraged to meet with the ELI Program Coordinator if they have any questions.

Below are descriptions of health-related workshops and activities.

Health Insurance Check

All students are required to have health insurance upon arrival. If a student already has health insurance, he or she must provide proof of his or her health insurance policy at registration and bring their health insurance card to this workshop.

During this workshop, the new students meet with the ELI Program Coordinator about their health insurance plan. The following actions may occur during this meeting:

  • If the student is waiving Gallaudet University’s health insurance plan, then it is necessary to submit a copy of the student’s outside health insurance ID card.
  • If the student will have a health insurance plan through an embassy, the embassy may be contacted to get a temporary health insurance policy number.

Student Health Service (SHS) Health Check

The Student Health Service (SHS) Health Check is for new students that have not received a health clearance on their Gallaudet University student accounts from Student Health Service and are not able to complete business registration.

Their immunization records and health history form are reviewed at SHS. If any immunization shots are missing, the student will need to go to an outside medical clinic to get his or her shots completed.

If the new student does not complete the Health History Form and get all the necessary immunizations before arriving on campus, there will be an SHS hold on his or her student account. In this case, the student would need to go to an outside clinic, (which may charge $600-$700), get immunization shots, bring the immunization records from the clinic to SHS, and receive a clearance from SHS.

If the new student does not have an SHS clearance, he or she will not be allowed to register for classes.

Student Health Service (SHS) Workshop

The Student Health Service (SHS) Workshop helps students learn that they can come to Student Health Service on campus when they are sick, injured, or in need of other medical services. The following topics are covered:

  • SHS can give prescriptions for medical drugs.
  • SHS can give referrals to other doctors or medical facilities.
  • Gallaudet University health insurance benefits and coverage.

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