Areas of Study

Course Overview

Independent studies enable advanced study of a topic, of interest to the student and the faculty member, not covered in the curriculum. Independent studies should not substitute for required courses, although exceptions may be considered on a case-by- case basis. Note: A Registrar’s Office Graduate Student Independent Study Form ( and syllabus must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office before the add/drop period ends to register for an Independent Study.

Prerequisite: Appropriate level of matriculation, permission of instructor and Special Independent Study Form.

Program: Educational Neuroscience

Credit: 1-1

Other Courses


Dissertation Research

The exciting and timely discipline called Educational Neuroscience…

Educational Neuroscience

Credits 1-6


Guided Studies III:…

In this third of a three-part sequence of…

Educational Neuroscience

Credits 3


Translation: Policy Service

The purpose of this course is to provide…

Educational Neuroscience

Credits 2-4


Special Topics

Grading System: letter grades only.

Educational Neuroscience

Credits 1-3


Cognitive Neuroscience Summer…

In this first of two research laboratory rotation…

Educational Neuroscience

Credits 4


Educational Neuroscience Proseminar

This course (PEN 701) serves as an introduction…

Educational Neuroscience

Credits 3