Exhaustive Record of the Deaflympics In Publication

Rafael Pinchas, 79, an author of several books about international deaf sports, visited Gallaudet University during the U21 World Deaf Basketball Championships held at Gallaudet, July 7-14, 2018.

Pinchas was exhibiting some of his books, including the second edition of his book, The History of the Deaflympic Games, published by KayKov Media, New York, USA.

During the visit, Pinchas met with Michael Weinstock, 81 G-94, Gallaudet University’s retiring athletic director, who is featured in the book. Weinstock was the head coach of the USA women’s basketball team which won gold at the 1997 Deaflympic Games held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The book is a result of over 40 years of research, collection of photographs and information, interviews with athletes and officials, and editing. It is published in two languages-English and Russian, and in both paperback and hardback.

The book is the only exhaustive record of the Deaflympics in publication.

Pinchas has written extensively about deaf sports and the Deaflympics and has been published in different newspapers and magazines. His first edition of
The History of the Deaflympic Games was published in 2015.
He is also the author of other books including The Deaflympic Games – 90th Anniversary
 and The Deaflympic Games – Facts, Statistics, and Photos.

Pinchas graduated from Gallaudet with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics,
before earning a Master of Arts degree in International Affairs from the American University in 1981.
The team includes five Gallaudet students. They are identified by numbers in the photo above:
1. Wilford Troup, 2. Noah Valencia, 3. Connor Ortman, 4. John Werner Jr., and 5. Esau Zornoza.

Photos courtesy of Rafael Pinchas

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