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Stay up-to-date with what’s happening in Costa Rica as 80 Gallaudet students embark on the First Year Study Tour from March 10-18, 2012! Photos from the students’ travels will be posted on Facebook, Twitter, and on the First Year Study Tour webpage throughout the week. This marks the fourth annual First Year Study Tour (FYST) to Costa Rica for university freshmen and first year transfer students.

FYST introduces students to international travel and global citizenship. Gallaudet believes that student participation in a study abroad experience is an important component of a liberal arts education. FYST complements Gallaudet’s learning outcomes: critical thinking, identity and culture, ethics and social responsibility, language and communication, and knowledge and inquiry.

A study abroad experience increases the likelihood that students will remain in college and graduate and have an edge in the job market upon graduation. Students who experience other languages and cultures become citizens of the world. In addition, students experience profound personal growth, team building and leadership skills as they develop bonds with their classmates.

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