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President Davila thanks Lipin for S. Barry and Judith Lipin Endowed Scholarship Fund

President Davila recently visited Chicago, Ill. philanthropist Judith Lipin, who consequently made a gift to establish a new scholarship fund at Gallaudet University through her and her late husband’s Lipin Foundation. The pledge of $100,000 will create the S. Barry and Judith Lipin Endowed Scholarship Fund, which will award financial aid assistance to students who demonstrate academic and personal excellence.

Mrs. Lipin is a former vice president/banking officer at the financial firm J.P. Morgan. Mr. Lipin, who passed away in February, was the founder of the highly successful US Auto Leasing company. He served for many years as the company’s chairman and chief executive officer.

The couple’s tie to the deaf community is a personal one — Mr. Lipin became deaf as a teenager due to a scarlet fever antitoxin that he received. He had a younger brother who was also deaf.

Lipin spent his life giving

Throughout his life, Lipin was an advocate for the deaf and established the Lipin Foundation for hearing research and advocacy for equal rights for the deaf community. He also served on the board of the International Center of Deafness and the Arts.

The Lipins became acquainted with Gallaudet when they visited the campus in the spring of 2008 and met with Dr. Davila. Davila and Institutional Advancement staff then visited Mrs. Lipin in late February of 2009. They discussed how the foundation might lend ongoing support to the University, and in March, the fund was established.

The goal of the S. Barry and Judith Lipin Endowed Scholarship Fund is to support students who show the same qualities that helped the Lipins excel in their fields. Students must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and show financial need to qualify.

“Mr. Barry Lipin placed great trust and belief on the outcome of a good education as a pathway to success. He was determined to reach out to the younger generation of deaf and hard of hearing persons,” said Davila when the fund was established. “I am honored to see the Lipin Foundation supporting Gallaudet. This gift will contribute to the success of our students for many years to come.”

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