Deaf Studies Digital Journal Launches

The Deaf Studies Digital Journal launched in November to a glowing reader response. Educators from deaf residential schools and universities wrote in with their intentions to use the multilingual peer-reviewed material in their classrooms and libraries. Others simply sent “waving hands” applauding the inaugural issue. To date, the journal has received more than 13,000 visits from 77 countries.

Now, the DSDJ editors announce a call for submissions for the second issue. The online publication accepts works in a number of genres and media, including articles, commentary, literature, visual arts, and videos.

The theme of the second issue is “Science and the Senses.” The deadline is March 31.
The DSDJ editors have sent the following press release detailing submission guidelines:

Call for Submissions: Issue 2


The Deaf Studies Digital Journal (DSDJ) is a peer-reviewed, online journal dedicated to advancing the cultural, creative, and critical output of work in and about signed languages and their communities. Unlike other journals, the Deaf Studies Digital Journal is a multilingual publication featuring work in American Sign Language and English, as well as other international signed and written languages. The Deaf Studies Digital Journal features critical essays in deaf cultural studies, original works of signed literature, visual art, film, video, interviews, reviews, historical sources, and community news. The contributions to this journal will create a body of critical and creative work in deaf studies while furthering innovative ways of publishing in signed languages.

Articles: Special Topic – Science and the Senses
In order to increase the spectrum of deaf studies research, this special issue, themed “Science and the Senses,” seeks to enrich the exchange between science and inquiry into deaf ways of being-in-the-world. The Deaf Studies Digital Journal is seeking submissions from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Possible topics may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Visual/spatial/kinesthetic cognition
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Gesture and cognition
  • Psychosocial development
  • Deaf epistemologies
  • Sign language acquisition
  • Bimodal bilingualism
  • Cognitive linguistics
  • Visual literacy

Since the Deaf Studies Digital Journal is a bilingual journal featuring articles in American Sign Language (ASL) and English, we welcome collaborative works in which an ASL fluent signer composes the signed version and an English fluent writer composes the written version.

The Deaf Studies Digital Journal also seeks submissions from community members, artists, scholars, filmmakers, researchers, educators, and degree-pursuing students for the following categories:

Commentary: This category is where scholars, advocates, and community members can express different views on prevailing social issues, especially contemporary issues affecting or influencing the deaf community. We welcome commentary on education, politics, community advocacy work, technological innovations, cultural narratives, and emerging trends. All are subject to editorial review.

Literature: This includes storytelling, poetry, drama, essays, creative non-fiction, and performance art. We will also consider works in other sign languages as well as works using gestural communication, and visual vernacular. Literary works will not be translated unless a translation is submitted by the artist(s). Authors may submit a personal statement along with their creative works that would enable non-signers to gain a point of entry into the texts.

Visual arts: This includes a variety of artistic genres; photography, painting, drawing, installations, sculpture, web-art, animation.

Film and video: Films up to approximately 30 minutes in length are preferable. For longer films, please contact us to discuss possibilities. Categories include documentary, drama, ethnographic studies, shorts, comedy, political, social events, avant-garde, and experimental films.

Interviews: This category emphasizes the importance of a topic; in-depth discussions in different formats, including panel interviews and site-specific interviews.

Reviews: Assessment and critical review of books, articles, film, video, art, performances, and other texts of relevance to deaf cultural studies. Should be approximately five minutes in length.

History: Analyses, chronological narratives, and more on topics relevant to deaf studies. It can be on films, art, books, photography, private collections, and research studies.

Community: News, announcements, events, and items for the categories Media Watch and Protest Watch.

For more information on submitting to the Deaf Studies Digital Journal, see, and look for the “Submission” button.
For more information, please contact us. We welcome your expression of interest anytime. Starting today!
First deadline: March 31, 2010
Expected launch: May 2010

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