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  1. Clerc Center will follow CDC and OSSE recommendations and requirements on classroom safety strategies.
  2. Each individual strategy lowers the risk of transmission of COVID-19; these strategies are most effective when used together, in a layered approach.


Maintain universal and proper use of masks.


Wash hands – or apply sanitizer – using proper technique and at key times.


Increase ventilation and airflow to the extent possible.


Modified classroom capacity under certain circumstances.


Increase cleaning of surfaces and high-touch areas using EPA-recommended products.

Classroom Capacity/Distancing

Classroom capacity will be modified and follows:

  • Rooms with direct access to outside air:
    • 100% capacity
    • Physical distancing not required
  • Rooms without direct access to outside air:
    • 75% capacity
    • 3′ physical distancing required


  • Gallaudet will install and maintain hand washing/hand sanitation stations within each classroom, on all shuttle buses, and at other key locations through its buildings.
  • Employees and students will be trained on and utilize proper hand washing technique. (See ASL resources on hand washing, hand sanitization.)
  • Students and staff should follow regular and event-specific hand washing, including:
    • Entering/leaving classrooms
    • Before/after preparing/eating food
    • After using the restroom
    • After coughing, sneezing, or blowing one’s nose
    • After touching one’s mask, eyes, nose, or mouth
    • After touching high-touch surfaces/objects


  • Custodial services will clean classrooms twice-daily, and disinfect at least weekly, with special attention to high-touch surfaces. Classroom cleaning is done in conjunction with cleaning/disinfection of other school spaces.
  • Employees will use EPA-approved cleaning agents, and will follow all manufacturer recommendations for concentrations, application method, contact/dwell time, and drying time.
  • Students and instructors will be provided with disinfectant wipes for self-cleaning of personal spaces and supplies before and after use.
  • Special protocols for cleaning and disinfection are in place in case of positive COVID exam.

Cleaning Frequencies

Twice-Daily Cleaning:

  • Classrooms
  • Locker Rooms
  • Common Areas
  • Public Restrooms

Daily Cleaning:

  • Computer Labs
  • Private & Shared Offices
  • Outdoor Playgrounds/Play Spaces
  • Dorm Common Spaces

Daily Cleaning & Disinfection:

  • Public Restrooms


  • All spaces disinfected weekly.
  • Frequencies assume low to moderate community transmission levels; frequencies increase to twice-daily under high community transmission.
  • Students/employees will clean personal learning/working spaces before and after use.


Ventilation and airflow will be increased to the extent possible.
  • Gallaudet and Clerc Center have engaged outside specialists to assess all on-campus HVAC systems and implement improvements to minimize airborne exposure to COVID. This work will be complete in all Gallaudet academic, administrative, and residential buildings before students and faculty report to campus.
  • When possible, classroom windows and doors will be kept open to allow for introduction of additional outside air and increased airflow.
  • Fans may be used – in conjunction with open windows – to aid with air supply and distribution.

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