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The mask requirement will be updated as data points change, allowing for quick responses. The status will be displayed with the following icons at the Department of Public Safety (DPS) kiosk on Florida Avenue and on MyGallaudet, and will roll out to other sites, both physical and online, in the coming weeks.

Current Mask Status

Color Indoors Indoor Exceptions Outdoors
Red: Masks required Employees alone in offices
Individuals alone in designated mask break spaces
Masks required at all times, including while walking to and from designated outdoor break areas
Yellow: Masks required Employees alone in offices
Individuals alone in designated mask break spaces
Masks not required for fully vaccinated individuals
Masks encouraged for unvaccinated individuals
Green: Masks optional Masks optional Masks optional

Exceptions to Mask Requirements for ALL statuses (Red, Yellow, Green):

  • When eating or drinking, with appropriate physical distancing (note: no eating is permitted in classrooms during class periods; quick sips of beverages are permitted);
  • When alone in a private room or office;
  • When presenting to a large assembly, standing or sitting at least six feet away from anyone else;
  • When in the swimming pool at the Field House;
  • Deafblind individuals and their support service providers (SSP) or interpreters may remove their masks if they all agree to do so;
  • When receiving services that require access to the face, mouth, or head;
  • When a medical condition or disability prevents removing the mask without assistance; those individuals should contact us for an exemption;
  • When necessary to lipread in times of emergency, involving threats to life, health or safety;
  • When lawfully requested to do so for facial recognition purposes;
  • Children under two years old;
  • Young children in outdoor areas at the Clerc Center specifically designated for mask breaks for them with six-feet distancing.
Gallaudet recognizes that traditional masks can be a barrier to communication for facial expressions, non-manual markers, and lipreading for our community members. Clear masks are available to all of our students, staff, and faculty. If you have not received yours, please go to the SLCC Atrium during Shild T3 testing times and request. Questions may be sent on our contact form.

An important note about respect

Each individual will monitor their own vaccination status and comply with the mask policy accordingly. Community members will not police mask usage, and will respect each other’s privacy by not inquiring about vaccination status and refraining from making assumptions based on their mask usage.

When masks are not required for those who are vaccinated (during green and yellow status), many will choose to continue wearing a mask for their own personal comfort, and the community is expected to support their choices.

All GU Community members will receive the following:

Supplies will be available for all with a valid GU ID at the ShieldT3 testing site and at the SLCC Atrium on testing days.