Areas of Study

In line with the 2009 CACREP Standards for School Counseling Programs, graduates of our School Counseling Program will:

  • Articulate understanding of, advocate for, and model the professional role and identity of a counselor and, particularly, the school counselor.
  • Demonstrate self- and other-awareness, knowledge, and skills needed to effectively relate to and counsel diverse individuals and their families, groups, and classrooms, while demonstrating understanding of human growth and development.
  • Integrate awareness, knowledge, and skills related to economic, legal, and political issues surrounding diversity, equity, and excellence in learning, achievement, and whole student development.
  • Identify and assess multiple factors that influence the personal, social, and academic functioning of students, particularly any indicators of abuse/neglect or potential impact of crises/trauma, and select culturally appropriate prevention strategies or interventions.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply culturally appropriate ethical decision-making and adhere to ethical, legal, and professional standards related to the practice of professional counseling and, particularly, school counseling.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and evaluate research relevant to the practice of counseling/school counseling with an ability to use outcome research data to inform decision-making, accountability, and best practices.
  • Facilitate teams and prevention/intervention plans that enable students to overcome barriers to learning and facilitate success and achievement in academic, career, and personal/social development.
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge and application of theoretical models and processes of school and community consultation and collaboration.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the concepts, strategies, and practices designed to:
    • Enhance student academic, career and personal development
    • Close the achievement gap
    • Prevent students from dropping out of school
  • Recognize the importance of the school counselor as a system change agent and apply this in practice utilizing multicultural counseling competencies, effective leadership, advocacy, consultation, and collaboration to influence change on the individual, group, and organizational and systemic levels.
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