Several collaborations are currently actively allowing Gallaudet faculty members to work with other institutions on grant proposals, research, publications, and internships.

Center for Integrated Quantum Materials

CIQM is a collaboration involving Harvard University, Howard University, MIT, Gallaudet, and other colleges to work on nanomaterial-related projects aimed at developing next-generation quantum computers and electronic devices. CIQM has three additional NSF grant supplements for (1) Providing access and interpreter services for students, faculty, and researchers working on CIQM and related activities at participating institutions, (2) Education and Outreach Grant to promote STEM outreach to Gallaudet students and the general D/HoH community, (3) Supplement for ASL CLEAR (Dr. Paul Sabila for more information on CIQM at Gallaudet.

Chesapeake Watershed Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit

Gallaudet is a member of the Dr. Caroline Solomon is the point of contact for Gallaudet.

NASA DC Space Grant Consortium

Provides grants to support student internships at Gallaudet. The grant also supports the maker’s lab project at Gallaudet and the science program at MSSD. Contact Dr. Daniel Lundberg for more information on this.

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Center for Science and Technology Research (CSTR)

Hall Memorial Building N318

(202) 559-5622


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