Areas of Study

The Center for Black Deaf Studies (CBDS) will:

  1. Offer a minor focusing on the histories and cultures of African Americans with an appreciation for the historical, social and political influences of Africa and the African diaspora.
  2. Sponsor cultural events including dialogues, and celebrations.
  3. Connect students to and/or create research opportunities in collaboration with affiliated faculty and campus partners.
  4. Provide an environment of care and support for GU students, faculty and staff, and community members.
  5. Employ staff members committed to student advocacy, advising, and mentorship centered on positively impacting student retention and graduation
  6. Monitor, coordinate, support, and encourage research in the community.
  7. Raise funds to support programs for the center.

Contact Us

Center for Black Deaf Studies (CBDS)

Hall Memorial Building S400


(202) 651-5000

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