Areas of Study
Graduates of the B.S. in Accounting Program will demonstrate competence and learning outcomes in following seven domains:
  • Common Business Knowledge & Inquiry: Accurately apply fundamental business concepts, models and principles to address hypothetical or real-world business issues.
  • Communication:Communicate effectively in both American Sign Language and written English in various formats and styles to a variety of audiences in multiple business contexts.
  • Quantitative Reasoning & Technological Skills:Apply technological tools, and statistical and quantitative reasoning skills in analyzing and evaluating numerical information to support evidence-based business decisions.
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving: Critically assess business problems and develop well-supported solutions.
  • Global Dimension: Critically evaluate all business opportunities and challenges using a global business perspective.
  • Ethics & Social Responsibility:Consistently act in a professional, ethical, and socially responsible manner, and collaborate effectively in teamwork when required.
  • Accounting Discipline Specialty Knowledge and Inquiry:
    • 7a. Demonstrate knowledge in Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), managerial accounting theories, auditing, taxation, and other accounting concepts and rules.
    • 7b. Prepare, interpret, and summarize financial statements and reports in accordance with GAAP.
    • 7c. Apply Information Technology tools in analyzing accounting information and solve business problems based on accounting theory, financial regulations, and business standards.
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