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All committees of the Board of Trustees play important roles in the daily management of Gallaudet and the welfare of its students, faculty, teachers, and staff. The Executive Committee is particularly prominent in the watchful and responsible oversight of the University because it has the authority between board meetings to exercise all powers of the board except those required by law or the Bylaws to be exercised by the full board. Appointments to the Executive Committee carry one-year terms.

The following is a list of board members on the Executive Committee:

Dr. Benjamin Soukup

Chair (reappointment)

Ms. Cheryl Heppner

Secretary (new appointment)

Mr. Duane Halliburton

Member-at-large (new appointment)

Dr. Harvey Goodstein

Vice Chair (reappointment)

Ms. Pamela Lloyd-Ogoke

Member-at-large (reappointment)

President T. Alan Hurwitz

Ex officio

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