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Summer Residency Program

  Our Summer Residency Program offers a place where participants from all over the nation and the world share a common goal of wanting to accelerate their learning of American Sign Language (ASL). This academic program happens at Gallaudet University campus in person, the only university designed specifically for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in the world. ASL courses offered in two-week sessions throughout the summer allow participants like you to increase their language competency without the distractions of their day-to-day lives with the option to stay in our campus dorms. Below is a list of the courses we offer:
  • ASL I (3 credits)
  • ASL II (3 credits)
  • ASL III (3 credits)
  • ASL IV (3 credits)
  • ASL V (3 credits)
  • ASL VI (3 credits)
  • Beginning Fingerspelling (1 credit)
  • Intermediate Fingerspelling (1 credit)
  • Classifiers I (1 credit)
  • Classifiers II (1credit)
The courses are taught by Deaf ASL professionals with degrees in ASL Education, Linguistics, Deaf Studies, and related fields. If you are registered for a class other than ASL 1, you will need an ASL placement screening. If you have not registered, please register today.  

Summer Residency Program Costs


ASL I-VI 3 $990 (per course)
Beginning/ Intermediate Fingerspelling 1 $330 (per course)
Classifiers I & II 1 $330 (per course)

Courses Materials 

  • Units for ASL 1-4: $45 per course
  • Units for ASL 5-6: $60 per course
  • Visual Gestural Communication: N/A
  • Classifiers I & II : N/A
  • Beginning Fingerspelling &Intermediate Fingerspelling: N/A


The cost for all sessions including a one time linen. fee. Costs for multiple sessions include the extra night’s stay between sessions. Meal plans include 3 meals a day Mondays through Fridays, and two meals a day on Saturdays and Sundays. Meal plans include meals for your check-in day, but not for your check-out day.  Check in is the Sunday before your first day of class and check out is the Saturday after your last day of class. The total cost of housing and meal plans are:
  • One 2-week session – $1,116
  • Two 2-week sessions – $2,314
  • Three 2-week sessions – $3,512

Course Schedule:

ASL Courses SRP sked Special Topic Courses SRP Special topic


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