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Last NameFirst NameNumber
Gablen Eliza Anna 757
Gaillard Theresa Elizabeth 827
Gardner Abram Stryker 237
Gearhart Frank D. 498
Geilfuss William John 875
George Dudley W. 214
Germuller John 10A
Germuller Mary 9A
Gibbons Eliza Ann 1A
Gibbons John Turner 2A
Gibson Bladen 485
Gifford Rosa 876
Gilbert James, Jr. 397
Gill William G. 088
Gillem Jennie J. 334
Gilroy Henry Joseph 594
Glenn Lyman Leroy 758
Goldberg Isaac 519
Goldstein Sarah 877
Goodall Charles William 569
Goodell Ransom Albert 144
Goodman Lester 284
Goold Alfred Wright 256
Gorman Mary Agnes 643
Gourley Sarah Ann 114
Graugnard Edgard 285
Gray Asa Albert 389
Gray Frank Rose 253
Greene Samuel T. 118
Greener Augustus Barney 247
Griffin Charles Clifford 323
Griffis Sadie Eliza 759
Grime William Ellis 271
Grimm George Frank 681
Groesbeck Charles Frothingham 234
Gross Harry 474
Grummond Gerge Melnotte 343
Gulick Peter B. 190

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