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Last NameFirst NameNumber
Abbott Gorham Dummer 231
Achey Henry Frederick 147
Adams Albert Francis 431
Adams E. J., Jr. 479
Adams Frank 463
Aitken Margaret 11A
Allabough Brewster Randall 368
Allard Charles D. 621
Allen Anthony 471
Allen George Henry 427
Allen James Dresser 331
Allen Richard James 713
Allison Mary 791
Allman William Major 178
Ambrose Willis Leslie 388
Amos James O. 091
Anderson William 690
Andree George G. W. 868
Andrews Albert Johnson 332
Anthony Alvin Wineltvert 407
Archibald Orson Hollway 228
Argo Walter 464
Argo William M. 465
Arnot Asbury Govin 609
Ashman William George 691
Augier Siewers Penelope 899

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