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Husband’s Last NameHusband’s First NameWife’s Last NameWife’s First NameFolder CodeFay Code
Ijames John Plummer Smith Addie Elizabeth 081-14 1936
Imes George W. Hoagland Edith 081-15 1938
Ingeldeiger Conrad Moss Mary 081-18 1942
Inghram Joseph M.     081-16 1940
Ingland George W. Norman   081-17 1941
Ingraham Frank Brake Emma 081-19 1946
Ingraham Lewis S. Bennet Maria L. 081-20 1943
Innes Thomas Hollow Sarah C. 081-21 1939
Ireland A.F. Cooper Belle 081-22 1937
Irving Otis J. Justice Jennie 081-23 1945
Irwin John Webb Anna E. 081-24 1944
Irwin Matthew J. Ettinger Sarah 081-25 1947

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